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Company History


Olivieri Family Business



Family Came to America  1926


Olivieri Brothers Formed  1947


Don Olivieri Sr. Joined  1955


Don Jr. & John Joined  1987


Olivieri Real Estate Formed  1991


Accurate Review Formed  2016


      From a family of bricklayers and stone masons in Lucca, Italy, Joseph Olivieri came to America in September of 1926. He settled in Southeast Chicago and worked as a stone mason until he gained enough knowledge to start his own business. His efforts paid off, and his business grew, as well as his family. One by one, all four sons joined their father in the business, and the early Olivieri Brothers was born. The brothers worked together completing homes one at a time; learning the business by working side by side with their father. As their business was beginning to grow, World War II broke out, and some of the sons were called to serve their country in the war. Joseph continued in business under the persistent belief that quality work would ultimately bring rewards.

      In 1947, the war had ended and the post war United States was booming. After serving their country, three of the sons of Joseph Olivieri re-started where they had left off, and formed the general contracting company called Olivieri Brothers. Their company provided excavation, concrete, masonry and carpentry services, utilizing their own personnel. In 1955, Donald H. Olivieri , Sr. joined his three brothers and added another dimension to the services they provided - architecture. The motto, "From Concept to Completion" became a reality. The business grew through the 1950s and 60s without much fanfare; simply on the quality of the buildings they designed and built, Olivieri Brothers designed and/or built over 2000 projects totaling over 8,000,000 square feet on the South and Southeast side of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. As the economy shifted away from the steel industry, Olivieri Brothers also had to shift its focus as well. They began outsourcing some of the trades and two of the original brothers, Joseph and Julius retired, leaving Henry and Don. They continue to build commercial, retail, office and industrial quality buildings in Chicago and the Southwest suburbs.

      In 1987, Don Olivieri, Jr. and John Olivieri joined the firm as another original brother, Henry Olivieri, retired. These two new brothers, both sons of Don Sr., joined their father and continued the tradition. Both Don Jr. and John provided additional architectural expertise, as both are registered architects. They had grown up working with their father and uncles on construction sites on concrete, masonry and carpentry crews. Having lived in the Southwestern suburbs most of their lives, John and Don Jr. placed the emphasis of the company into this area. Although the company location has changed, our focus on quality has remained the same.

     In 2016, Don Olivieri, Jr. and John Olivieri founded Accurate Review LLC which draws on their years of experience and detailed-oriented practice to offer high-quality plan review services on the South Side.


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